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So this a shoot I did recently with my niece and nephews. (the Evans)

These kids are life. They truly make me laugh everyday and make me wonder how life without them was ever slightly fun. We headed out to a field just down the road from their new home. (Family Home Shoot coming soon) I pictured this shoot in my head being really cute, fun, and everyone just listening to uncle kay. It went exactly the opposite.

I was allergic to whatever was in the field so I actually had hives by the time we finished. I wanted a more lifestyle vibe for the shoot. So naturally the kids did the opposite and decided to model pose for every shot. They are seriously so cute but sometimes they make me so happy i'm just the uncle and I can leave at any given moment. You want to scream for cooper hitting you? okay bye. You're screaming and crying because you broke your new iPod you got for your birthday in only one short day? okay bye. You're going to scream because you can't have another popsicle when you have literally already had 8.. in the last hour?! okay bye. 

But even in these large amounts of chaos. These kids pull through and make for some pretty dang adorable pictures. I'm lucky to be their uncle. I only posted the pictures that made the shoot look like it was a raging success. If you'd like to see how the shoot went for a majority of the time. I can post those later on too. :) Enjoy!

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